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10 Reasons Why Civil Engineering Graduates Fail the Board Examination

Board examination, if it is the final boulder to crash for graduates with professional license to chase on. So, before you proceed with your #chasinglicense, be aware of this major pit holes why civil engineering graduates fail the board examination.

These will give you insights and avoid doing those “10 reasons why civil engineering graduates fail the board examination.”

1. Failing to manage time

This is obvious, would one pass a board exam if all they do is hang out, sleeping around and eat? Get yourself together because you want your professional license, not excessive fats. Mismanaging your time is a huge impact on failure.

2. Too destructed

With smartphones (and free data) given by telecom providers, who wouldn’t get distracted with Facebook? Especially if the phone beeps because you’ve gotten 100+ likes on your 1Km run last year. Please put it in silent mode better turn it or when you are dating with your calculators. Avoid spending too much time on your social media if you want to pass the exam.

3. Forgetting to nourish the body

Everyone needs this. Whether you are preparing for a board exam or not. When your temple (your body) is at its peak to do what it is required to do, then you are most likely to succeed. I have known of a colleague whose diet run around cup noodles, canned goods, and instant foods because he does not have time to prepare for real and nutritious food. Eventually, on the day of the exam, he got pretty ill and didn’t arrive on time. He failed. Please learn from him. This is an eye-opener for everyone. Just discipline yourself especially when the date of examination is one week ahead.

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4. Failing to acclimatize

Have you ever wondered why famous boxers like Manny Pacquiao go to Baguio or any cool places to jog when he can do it in his hometown, General Santos? It is because he is acclimatizing. Most of his fights are in the US. His body needs to be familiarized with the weather and temperature before his fights. Same is true with the board exam.

Actual board exam would mean sitting in an armchair for four hours and turning your head up and down. No, you can’t turn your head left or right or you might be accused of cheating. I have heard students complaining about how their nape ached after board exams.

Second, most students study at night time. Basically, civil engineering licensure exams are scheduled 8am-12pm, 1pm-5pm, and 8am-12pm the next day. If this is the case, studying 11pm until 6am would be a poor schedule choice. It is advisable to study on daytime.

5. Taking thy health for granted

So, you are taking real foods (even if it is not that nutritious). But know that all you are doing is sitting around almost everyday stair at your books and calculators. The study shows that not getting enough exercise lower the brain functionality, thus, lower brain performance. It is because the blood on your veins is not flowing well.

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6. Financially unstable

This may not be true to all, but we should be aware that students who can afford all the review books, refresher courses, and review center fees really have the edge to pass the licensure exam. But don’t get stuck because the national library has plenty of books free to read and study.

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7. Cheating

Please, no. Come on, this is below the belt. You’ve been studying and preparing for this exam for 5 years and took a 6-month review.

I have been informed of a cheating incident in an engineering licensure exam before. Apparently, a student brought with him a smartphone and accessed his pdf file during the exam. Eventually, that exam was canceled nationwide and was postponed until the next three months. Can you imagine the shame that student brought to his school, his classmates and his family? And can you imagine the burden he has given to his 6,000+ co-takers? Some of them sold their belongings just to get to a review class and take the board exam. With one selfish act, he ruined that national licensure exam.

8. Failing to prepare

This is somewhat the same with acclimatization. But is totally different. Civil engineering exams vary from as years passes by. Most students fail because their study paraphernalia is 10 years obsolete. Yes, the concept is still the same. Basic algebra will always be basic algebra. But terminologies changes. English isn’t a dead language like Latin. Thus, it changes and upgrades as time passes by.

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9. Taking the exam for granted

I have heard a lot of students taking the exam right after the graduation knowing they wouldn’t pass. The just took it because they wanted to know the “feels”. Like, really? Why would one go into a battlefield without any guns and bullets? This really freaks me out. Please don’t do this, you are too smart for this.

10. Not liking to pass enough

I have always been a believer that when you really, really want something and you put all your resources and effort with it, you’ll get what you want. I believe one of the major reasons why civil engineering graduates fail the board exam is because they do not like to pass badly, like BADLY.

Now, these may not be all the reasons why civil engineering graduates fail the board exam. Please read this by heart and learn from this not-to-do-list. And hoping that you will put all this into your mind. Be decisive and try to do a hard work then success comes in the way. Like me, I’ve been focused so much on reviewing all review books that I have, and I went to a group study with my classmates. That’s how it is just hard work my friends.

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